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Painting Sale:

 Hi I have a couple of paintings for sale!

Warm Painting**
Jolly Painting**
FORGED Jolly Painting
Strange Painting**

Name your price in comments and we can haggle:

Excepting for trade also: 

Temple wall and flooring (whatever it is called)
Ski Mask

NOTE: ** means that I don't know if painting is real or fake; checking tomorrow. Also I don't really know how to use the auction house so I'm probably going to trade in person.

I'm also buying paintings! ^^

Friend: 2494-0999-0230 Add so we can trade ^^.
October 16,2009:

I've been trying to get the Sweets set. Unfortunately the Table and Mini-Lamp are sold out in my town. But I am willing to pay full price, plus a little extra, to anyone who has it!

Sweets mini-lamp: 110,000 bells+20,000 for your trouble
Sweets table: 240,000 bells+40,000 for your trouble

Thank you!
Name: Mushroom
Town: Pop
FC: 3824-8003-6855

Looking for Spooky Series!

  • Wallpaper
  • Floor
  • Bookcase
I can offer bells or other items from the Spooky Series!

(WTB) Regal Set and more (City Folk)

Hello, I am looking to buy the following items:

Regal Bed
Regal Dresser
Regal Armoire
Regal Chair
Regal Sofa
Regal Table
Regal Lamp

Regal Clock
Regal Bookcase
Regal Vanity
Regal Wall
Regal Carpet

If you want to sell them individually, I'll pay up to 2x Nook's price in the catalogue. If you give me the whole set (or what's left), name your price. I won't pay anything outrageous, but I'm willing to be pretty generous.

I also would like to buy:

Top Hat

Just name your price for those. They're not that expensive in the catalogue, so...
I can also give you 200 turnips for the Top Hat and Monocle combo :)

Any other items you think would make me look dandy, or anything you think goes with the regal set well, feel free to solicit them to me lol.

name: Thaao
town: Lindblum

[WTB] Food shirts and matching hats [CF]

Hello, all! I'm looking for the food shirts and the matching hats on City Folk! I don't know why, but I love them! I have two already, but I need these:

-Hot Dog
-Noodle (okay, I know it isn't really food like the rest, but I ♥ it)


I'm willing to pay face value for each, rounded up to the nearest hundred.

Here's the information!

Name: Neko
Town: Fantasy
Code: 4511-4083-4179
Time Zone: EST (Florida)
I have the following available for trade:

Mushroom Mural (x2)
Super Mushroom

other rares or bells

I am looking for:

Green Pipe Thanks Neko!
Brick Block
</strike>? Block</strike> Thanks Neko!

[FS] Umbrellas and Parasols! [AC:WW]

I have 15 umbrellas sitting around that I just don't use and they're taking up space in my storage (I tend to just use my Link pattern that was in the player's guide).

I'm willing to part with them for 80 bells, each!

They are:
-Paper Parasol
-Petal Parasol
-Sunny Parasol
-Blue Dot Parasol

Name: Neko
Town: Gemini
Code: 2578.2538.4893
Time Zone (Location): EST (Florida)

Happy shopping!
So, I happened to get the x5 nook point special and went a little crazy. (just a little . . . .)

So I have extra Moons and white Katanas for LOW LOW PRICES!
I'm no miser by any means, but I am saving up to try and get Gracie's spring set. So I want to make some of this money back!

For moons I want 20k- have 3 !
For White Katanas I want 25k - I have 2 !

First come, first comment, first serve.

Renée in SF Bay

Mod Post - Update!

Just wanted to let you all know that I have updated a few more tags!

From now on, please also tag whether your entry is city folk or wild world. Also added in fossils and mod post. This will make browsing easier for users in the future :) Thank you!

I also updated this page with figuring out which items go under what tag!

Also, for those who have already posted, no worries, I'm already going to fix the tags in your posts. This is just a notice for future posts.


[WTB] Shirts and Gyroids [WW]

Able Sisters Shirts:
Blue tie dye
Green bar
Hot Spring
Lemon gingham
Loud bloom
Melon gingham
Red warmup
Yellow Pinstripe

Tall Puffoid

Name your price or trade. I've got everything that Nook sells in my catalog. If you're after something rare, I'll do my best to get my hands on it.


Animal Crossing Auction House

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