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I need a few items to complete my series/themes on Wild World! Please help! I'm willing to pay face value for them, but am up for negotiations.

~*~Lovely Series~*~
-Kitchen (goes for 2,280 Bells, Spotlight Item)

~*~Ranch Series~*~
-Dresser (goes for 2,720 Bells)
-Hutch (goes for 2,560 Bells)
-Table (goes for 1,700 Bells)
-Chair (goes for 1,400 Bells)

~*~Cabin Series~*~
-Dresser (goes for 2,160 Bells)
-Chair (goes for 1,700 Bells)
-Wardrobe (goes for 2,480 Bells)

~*~Backyard Theme~*~
-Lawn Mower (goes for 2,760 Bells)
-Garden Gnome (goes for 3,380 Bells, Spotlight Item)

Thanks so much for looking!!

Name: Neko
Town: Gemini
Code: 2578.2538.4893
Time Zone (Location): EST (Florida)

All set! Thanks, peety!! ♥

[WTB] Nearly all REAL paintings! [CF]

Hi all! I'm working on completing my museum and am tired of being sold fake paintings from Redd, and my Nooks never has paintings on spotlight, so I'm looking to buy the following paintings. They do have to be the real versions!

I'll pay 10K each.

If you have one and want more than 10K, name your price and I'll let you know if it's in my price range.

Dynamic Painting
Proper Painting
Moving Painting
Quaint Painting
Common Painting
Worthy Painting
Scenic Painting
Famous Painting
Basic Painting (Thanks eyeslikesugar!)
Flowery Painting
Serene Painting
Nice Painting
Calm Painting (Thanks Redd *lol*)
Warm Painting
Moody Painting
Perfect Painting
Jolly Painting
Wistful Painting
Amazing Painting
Scary Painting

Name: Rukia
Town: LasNoche
FC: 2320-9849-8567

[FS] Gyroids! [WTB] White Pansies! [CF]

I've been getting a few Gyroids recently and I honestly don't like them :/ I'd rather have my radio going with K.K. Slider than listen to their odd clunks and clanks!

So here are the ones I've got so far!

Tall Oombloid
Tall Buzzoid
Mini Timpanoid
Mega Plinkoid
Mega Harmonoid
Mini Bowtoid

Tom Nooks buys gyroids back at 828b.

So please make your offer!

Also, I'm really needing flowers, mostly White Pansies. There is an extreme shortage in my town and Tom Nooks doesn't always have the ones I want! So please if you have extra White Pansies or if your store is selling some, I'd love to buy them! I could even trade something for a large batch of them. Let me know!

Name: Slade
Town: Cerulean
FC: 4167-8803-4172

Thanks :3


I've got some stuff I'm looking to sell. Make me an offer.

Snowman Carpet
Snowman TV
Snowman Wardrobe
Mush TV
Koopa Shell


ANNA in D'best

[ACWW] Lots of stuff! [FS] [FT] [WTB]

Hey everyone! I'm Li, the other mod of ac_auctionhouse ^^. To start off, I have a ton of stuff to sell, there are also a few things I'm looking for.

Comment here if you're interested.
Come this way!Collapse )

How To Set Up Posts

Hello all! So before we get started, I wanted to discuss how posts should be made. I will give a sample template here for you all to base off of :) Of course you can modify it for the most part to however it suits you. This is just to give you a helping hand!

[FS] Left over Furniture! [WW]
December 30th 2008
Hey everyone! I've got quite a bit of left over furniture I got from my neighbors. I'm selling them for their valued price. ((You are free to sell it for however much or little as you want.))

Here is what I got!:
Mushroom TV - ___Bells
Gorgeous Bed - ____ Bells
Lava Lamp - ____Bells

First to request the item gets it! :)

Name: ____
Town: ____
FC: ____-____-____
Tags: For Sale, Furniture, Mushroom, Gorgeous, Lava Lamps, wild world

So that is kind of the idea. Here is the break down:

Subject: Please place whether your post is FS (For Sale), FT (For Trade), FA (For Auction), WTB (Want to Buy). Also whether you are using WW (Wild World), or CF (City Folk).
Body: Insert whatever it is you would like to sell! Keep images small and to a minimum please! Don't forget to include your Town Info and Friend's Code so people may buy/sell/trade their items to you!
Tags: Okay so here are the tags: For Sale, For Trade, For Auction, Want to Buy. Also the catagories are as follows: Furniture, Fossils, Wallpaper, Flooring, Clothing, Umbrellas, Hats, Accessories, Stationary, Flowers, Gyroids, Paintings, K.K Slider, Free City Items, or Misc for all that don't apply. Please also note what sets they classify as: Exotic, Ranch, Classic, Regal, Cabana, Blue, Green, Kiddie, Cabin, Lovely, Modern, Robo, Pave, Harvest, Snowman, Egg, Jingle, Sweets, Mushroom, Spooky, Princess, Gorgeous, Gracie, Space, Mossy, Construction, Mad Scientist, Pirate Ship, Western, Boxing, Nursery, Classroom, Mario, Chess, Hospital, Sports, Office, Dharma, Cafe, Cacti, Golf Bags, Bears, Red, Totem, Lava Lamps, Japanese, Spa, Vases, Fruit, Lucky Cat, Frog Set, Pine Set, Bonsai Set, Plants, Garbage Cans, Musical Instruments, Ancient Objects, Games Set, Outdoor Equipment, Gulliver's Items, Television, Snow Items, Beach Set, Kitchen & House, Plastic Flower Set, Toilet Set, Boxes Set, Household Items, Music Items, Clocks, Chairs & Desk, Street & Shop Items, Lights, Odds & Ends, Throne, Nintendo, Basic Beds, Event & Special Items

UPDATE: We now list in the tags whether it is city folk or wild world as well! Please tag accordingly!

If you are confused what item goes under what tag, please consult this guide. Thank You!

Whew! I think that is all of them :) So much!

I hope that helps :) This post was also done so I could have these tags listed in our database to pull from. I hope it works XD and if the table fails, I apologize and will fix it up!


Welcome my fellow Animalzens! I am your mod ryuichi and I want to personally welcome each and every one of you to this amazing new community! I really hope that we all get along just fine here and that little moderation will be needed. However, I know that buying, selling, and trading can be a sticky business, so me and pikminlink will be here to keep tabs on things and hopefully help prevent messes!

I would like to advise you to read over the rules once again before posting! But please feel free to start right up with your sales posts and want ads! Just remember, keep your requests to 3 posts a week! That way we don't get flooded by the same request over and over again from that one person who will anyways. But thats ok, that is why us mods are here lol.

Anyways, have fun! And enjoy your time here :) Lets make some bells!


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