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Animal Crossing's Auction House

Buy, Sell, Trade, and Auction!

Animal Crossing Auction House
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A community to buy, sell, trade, or auction items inside the Animal Crossing games.
Please read the Rules before joining this community! We have guidelines that must be followed.
When trading, selling, and inviting people to your town, please be cautious of players who seem suspicious. There are programs out there that allows players to hack and cheat and also destroy towns.

Welcome To Animal Crossing's Auction House!

This is a place for people to come and buy, sell, trade, or auction the items they get on the Animal Crossing games Wild World and City Folk! These items range from furniture to flowers!

*Stay on topic All posts MUST be related to Animal Crossing and Trading.
*Be Honest! Don't lie or cheat away items. We are based on an honor system here.
*Don't Heckle. People are allowed to sell items however much or little as they want. It doesn't mean you have to buy it though, so don't yell at someone if you think they are charging too much! That will give you one swift warning.
*Don't Beg. No begging for free items. You are allowed 3 request posts a week.
*Tag your posts.Please Tag your posts! It will help keep the community organized.
*Label your subject. Along the same vein, in your SUBJECT put FS, FT, FA, WTB or WTT so people know what your post is about. Please also note whether you are using City Folk or Wild World! You can view a SAMPLE POST here :)
*Be kind to others. This is a friendly community! As mods we are capable of terminating your membership with or without notice or reason. I would like to instate a 3-strikes ruling.
*Respect other's towns. This should go without saying. Please be courteous to people's towns. If disrespect is shown to your town, please inform a mod with the incident, the offender's name, town, and friend code. They will be listed as fraud publicly.
* Do not ask for Friend's Codes without it being related to trading. Please go to cityfolk_gates or wildworld_gates for friends. HOWEVER please include your FC in your trade post.
*Do not delete or screen comments. We have moderators for a reason. Doing so will get you banned without notice.
*And of course, have fun! Please enjoy our community and help it prosper :)

Please note: This is only for IN GAME items. Please do not use this community to sell physical items for real money. We work in Bells Only.

Please contact us for issues that require Mod interference.

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The Animal Crossing Community

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